Balloon Fest 2017

Casper, Wyoming - Balloon fest shut second street down as huge wicker baskets and vendors lined the streets. These baskets helped ignite some life in the street as what they call candlestick was underway. Second Street was a sea of people as another Balloon Fest hit the pavement. The Fest, an extension of the Balloon flights from Saturday morning, featured vendors, live music and of course, some safe fiery fun.

“It's pretty cool, I think they're pretty safe. We've been walking around, and they're not too close to any buildings or trees, so it's good,” said Bill Bohman with the Casper Fire Department.

The fire professional approves, but what is the best part of Balloon Fest?

One resident said the hot air balloon related items. Another the vibrant colors. One couple loved the high flames. “Just seeing the flames coming out of the gas burners, even though they're hot.”

There are 12 balloon operators are here in downtown meeting and greeting the people of Casper and a lot of equipment goes into getting a balloon off the ground and it starts with the fuel.

“Well what you've got is the liquid propane from a sealed tank down inside the basket going up through the hoses into the bottom end of the manifold inside the burner,” said Jeff Haliczer the Synchronicity Balloon pilot. “Then it separates. It allows some of the fuel to run the pilot light but the rest of the fuel is going through the coils allowing it to super pressurize so you're getting the maximum amount of heat output out of that bit of propane.”

Folks from all ages filled the streets taking in the festivities and of course the high flying flames.

“i'm really to see this many people. every time I've come down here I’ve seen people I’ve never seen any other time so it’s kinda neat,” said one person.