Fire Strikes Field Outside Fairgrounds

Casper, Wyoming - A Fire breaks out at a field near the Natrona County Fairgrounds Sunday night. The dry brittle conditions ripe for trouble, but with the fair and the balloon round-up already wrapped up, it could have been worse.

Fire crews were dispatched to a field near the fairgrounds just after 9:30 Sunday night. With temperatures in the 90's and no rain, brushy areas around casper are drying up. The fire took 45 minutes to put out and luckily for the fairgrounds it was empty from all the week's activities.

Firefighters  sprayed down the last of what they believe was about a 5 acre burn. Authorities tell k2 that it was the high winds and the tall grass that caused the fire to move so quickly. They don't know what the cause if it is yet. The investigation is still ongoing.

Investigators believe the fire may have been an accident, but with a partial fire ban in effect for the county, accident or no accident, the results can be disastrous.

Unfortunately, this vacant lot is like many. We find a lot of litter and rubbish that shows that people are kinda loitering around the area and potentially doing careless things like smoking and discarding the cigarette butts in a careless fashion or using fireworks.,” said  Justin Smith with the Casper Fire Department. “That was certainly the case with this one as well.”

Authorities say the fire spread quickly from the source and became an increasing threat to structures nearby. Luckily none were harmed.

“As you can see there are structure immediately to our north. And adjacent to some of those structures you see idle vehicles and then also a lot of wood. Which creates its own fuel load, if you will. So if the fire burns up to that we have a whole other fire situation we're dealing with at that time,” said Smith

This fire, was just one of 5 that occurred this weekend says fire investigators. All of incidents were caused by carelessness.

“All the fires i was on this weekend. which includes three grass fires and one fire that started in a building, they were all human caused. so that means they are all preventable,” said Smith. “Certainly with the fire ban in place, that is that much more reassurance that we are in a dangerous situation when it comes to outdoor fires.”

The partial ban prohibits smoking outside, charcoal fires and fireworks. For a complete list of the restrictions click here.