The Eclipse Inspires Wyoming Artists

Casper, Wyoming - Art 321 is getting in on the eclipse fest action with an entire eclipse-themed gallery on display until September 1st. The gallery features numerous artists. One in particular, challenging herself to create an exhibit of her own.

“When I decided I was going to do every medium, of course you've gotta do an oil painting. I knew I wanted to do a two color piece,” said artist Melanie Myron. “I love playing with the pallet knife so that was fun too.”

Melanie Myron, an artist featured at Art 321 joins the likes of a bronze sculpture done by Chris Navarro, jewelry, and paintings galore. But she may be the only artist featured in the gallery that has created pieces with welded metal and melted glass. That's only the start of her small exhibit within the vastly inspired art of the 321 gallery.

“We talked about doing other things and having other people come do it. and I said 'Oh I can do an eclipse. I can do one in every medium why not?',” said Myron. “i've done most mediums before but I haven't oil painted in about 40 years. So it's been very exciting to come play with one in every medium.

Myron has created pieces with paint, paper, trash and even food for her display.

“I said okay, after we finish making stars today we've got to twist Oreos. I was only going for one perfect one, like the center. But when they started twisting the Oreos, we were getting these wonderful partial eclipses! Unfortunately you can’t eat them anymore because I have sealed them,” said Myron

Myron’s challenge may be one of a kind at Art 321, but Art 321 Executive Director Diane Harrop says the exhibit's flow is what makes it most unique.

“What’s so cool about what Melanie does, is not only are they're really wonderful individual pieces,” said Harrop. “But she has given it a lot of thought and paid a lot of attention to how the whole exhibit works together.”

Myron's exhibit is in the Art 321 gallery and her creations, like many artists, are for lack of a better word..unexpected.