Limit Possible Drowning Cases

Casper, Wyoming - The Casper Fire Department is asking for help from river users. Casper Fire Department says a simple task could help save resources and time in the event another emergency happens. This task...a phone call to Casper Dispatch.

It's a sight emergency personnel never want to see. A lone float, kayak, or boat on the river. These sights enlist a 911 call and an area wide search for a possible drowning.

Luckily, authorities say, the number of calls they have received haven't resulted in any actual drownings.

“It’s good news that it hasn't turned out to be a drowning but at the same time we're still trying to manage those resources so we're prepared for other calls,” said Captain Patrick McJunkin with the Casper Fire Department

Mcjunkin says all the help they need may lie in your pocket. Casper Fire is requesting help from those who float the river to call Casper Dispatch in the event you are separated from your water craft.

“It would be much better for us if we know that in advance and we can save time and resources with a search for a possible drowning,” said McJunkin

Casper Fire officials say they still want folks to call 911 in the event they see an unmanned watercraft floating downstream.

“If you see an unmanned flotation device, or kayak, or boat, or anything like that in the water, please call 911 because there's always that potential that a drowning has taken place,” said McJunkin. “Time is of the essence in those cases.”

Mcjunkin also says a good practice is to mark the craft with your name and contact information to make it easier to return the craft when it's located.