Casper's First Paint Wyoming Pink 5k

Casper, Wyoming - Breast cancer awareness month is 90 days out but the importance of awareness goes year round. That's why about 100 people made their way to the pumphouse for Casper’s first Paint Wyoming Pink 5k. The race, organized by the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative, aims to use proceeds to support breast cancer programs and procedures.

Lynn Lockhart was one of the 99 racers that completed the first Paint Wyoming Pink 5k here in the Oil City. The race, originating in Cheyenne, has traveled 177 miles north to add a dash of color to the Casper area. However this isn't first time the Lockharts sported pink.

“We started the race. We helped start the race and this is the first time in Casper so we wanted to run this race,” said Lynn Lockhart

Lockhart says the best part of the race is when she gets to see her husband at the finish line.

“When I get to hug him. It's special, he's special,” said Lockhart

“I think it’s also important to have events not only in October but throughout the year as well,” said Jennifer Galloway with the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative

The race host, The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative, or WBCI, was founded following another organization's departure.

“Susan G. Koman had a foundation here in Wyoming. A couple years ago they left the state. Then a group of volunteers who used to be involved in Susan G. Komen ended up forming the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative,” said Abby Huck, another volunteer with The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative

WBCI's Paint Wyoming Pink project aims to build on Wyoming awareness by elevating support for survivors and patients, raising 75 thousand dollars last year. That went to those battling breast cancer.

Another finisher, also the featured survivor says WBCI's growing support in Casper will help more people kick cancer to the curb.

“I think it's incredible that we're painting Casper pink. I think Cheyenne gets all of the accolades sometimes so I’m happy to see the Oil City painting it pink for a good cause,” said Kelly Carpenter, the event’s featured survivor

Race coordinators say if you are unable to make it to next year’s race to fear not. They will also have a virtual option where you can register for the race, take a photo on your run, and share it via their facebook page.