Natrona County School Vaccinations

The deadline for student vaccinations in Natrona School District is tomorrow. 

All students must have the required proof of vaccines otherwise they will not be able to attend school tomorrow. 

Students who do not have proof of immunization by 7:30am will not be able to attend school until they receive them. 

The Casper-Natrona Health Department hosted walk-in vaccinations today for all required shots. 

The vaccines required to attend school are $12 per shot. 

Most students only need a chicken pox shot, but it does depend on each persons medical chart. 

All students must have proof they received two doses of chicken pox vaccine or that they've had the disease. 

Incoming seventh-graders must have proof of a Tdap vaccine. 

Parents and kids waited at the Health Department Clinic to get the needed shots. 

The Casper-Natrona Health Department will host additional walk-in vaccinations at their clinic. 

They will be held tomorrow from 7am to 7pm and Monday, 26th, from 7am to 5pm. 

A wait should be anticipated.