Fire Near Bucknum Road

UPDATE: The fire burned around 1,500 acres. Crews managed to get the fire put out just before 9pm Monday night. A couple units stayed to monitor the fire into the night. No structures were damaged.

Casper, Wyoming - A fire near Bucknum road carries on as more than 200 acres are charred. The fire, starting a little before 4, spread quickly as fire crews from 5 departments teamed up to fight the blaze.

Smoke is billowing up from the flames. So much smoke authorities say, it's beginning to create their own clouds. Officials tell me that the fire is moving 25-30 miles an hour south to which structures may be in danger.

“What we have is a wind driven fire. We suspect it was lightning caused, there was a lightning storm that went through the area,” said  Chief Dan Beall with the Mills Fire Department

The fire, bringing in fire crews from Mills, Bar Nunn and even Evansville to assist.

Four airplanes were dropping fire retardant on open flames and around the perimeter to contain the blaze.

“It's moving toward 33 mile road and there's structures on the other side of the highway, on that side of the fire,” said Beall. “We're just trying to preventable keep it away from those structures.”

Fire crews were able to create a barrier around the structures in hopes to keep the fire from spreading.

The blaze, consuming more than 200 acres, tripled in size in just a short time.

“We've been on scene about 45 minutes, half hour. It's just depending on the weather, with this wind event we're having it takes a matter of minutes with the dry grass and the type of fuel we have out here,” said Beall.

Officials say the crews will be working late into the night with no expected completion time.