Wyoming Delegation Discusses Healthcare

Submitted: August 17th, 2017

By, Aaron Groff

Another healthcare bomb dropping during the Congressional recess. 

The CBO scored premiums could rise 20 percent, if Obamacare is left to fail. 

President Donald Trump: "Let Obamacare explode. It is exploding right now."

This involves pulling subsidies from the insurance companies. 25 thousand Wyomingites are enrolled in the healthcare marketplace. Congressman Liz Cheney votes for the passed house "repeal and replace" bill, but says we can't just allow the exchange to fail.

Rep. Liz Cheney: "I disagree with that. I dont think we can just pull the rug out from under people."

After passing the House, attempts failed three times in the Senate. Cheney says its on Republicans to get it done.

Rep. Cheney: "We're in charge. The Republicans have the White House, the Senate, the House. We have an obligation to fix it."

Wyoming's Senators, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, voted "yes" all three times, and were on the Republican Committee to draft the bills. Enzi says the fight continues. 

Sen. Mike Enzi: "There are things that need to be done, can be done, and I think we're on a track now to get them done."

And bi-partisan work continues in September. 

Sen. Enzi: 'What we saw in the last days is why don't you take this through regular process and start it the normal way and through a budget process and we will help. That's a big change."

Wyoming famously has just one provider in the healthcare marketplace. Blue Cross Blue Shield proposing a nearly 50 percent premium hike for 2018 - not because of passing or keeping bills, but uncertainty. ABC News is reporting that the 20 percent increase is estimated for the standard silver plan, and people receiving tax credits would be largely unaffected.