Wyoming Symphony at Washington Park

Casper, Wyoming - The Wyoming Symphony playing to a sell out crowd last night at Washington Park. More than two thousand people were treated to a show that was literally out of this world. Filled with music from iconic space movies like Star Wars, Et, and 2001-a Space Odyssey.

The symphony delivered an incredible performance, Sunday night, to a sell out crowd who just couldn't get enough of the music and films that they grew up with.

Titled Close Encounters Of The Symphonic Kind, the concert had been in the works for the better part of two years and when it was done the audience was so taken.

“We wanted to show all these folks coming in from outside what Casper was really all about. We think a symphony concert in the park was exactly the thing,” said  Rachel Bailey, the Executive Director with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra “All of these people need to be entertained and have fun while they're here. So this is what we put together for them.”

Conductor Matthew Savery, telling the audience if they liked what they saw, there's more where that came from. Clearly the audience loving the return of live music in the park and the symphony rising to the occasion.

“Everybody is just excited. They wanna party at Washington Park with The Wyoming Symphony the night before the eclipse. This is a once in a lifetime kind of event,” said Matthey Savery, Conductor of the orchestra.

Also on the bill, violinist Alexander Markoff, who rocked his portion of the concert with an electric violin that lights up while he danced around the stage.

The Casper Children's Chorale kicked it all off giving the hometowners something else to be proud of.

If you were there, you know how magical it was, but for some it was a night to just be a kid.

“I've brought all of my space characters with me because we're having a big training session. We're having a big Jedi Training Camp for the kids. So it's going to be really intense, and we're going to be teaching kids about the force as well,” said Faith Conaway with Dream Upon A Princess.