Possible Open Container Law Changes

Casper, Wyoming - With residents and city officials calling the Wyoming Eclipse Fest a  success here  in casper, the  city council has been taking notes for future events. One idea involves easing the restrictions on alcohol in the downtown area. Something that was tested during the Eclipse Festival, but this idea worry’s some business owners.

The success of Eclipse Fest, was felt all over the Oil City, but downtown business felt the biggest revenue growth.

“As a city, we kinda promoted just sending the tourists downtown. Which is great in some way but then again some places were forgotten,” said Matt Galloway, Co-owner of The Gaslight Social.

Most of the big crowds gathered downtown because that's where most of the events were. It made the enforcement of open container laws a little tricky.

“What we discovered was that it was really almost more detrimental to try to enforce the open container,” said Mayor Kenyne Humphrey. “It caused people to drink faster so that they could go to the next area.”

Law enforcement ended up actually easing the open container restrictions, making it easier to walk through streets. Some locals simply stayed away. Business wasn't as usual spread out across the city, giving worry that if the open container law were to become relaxed, some businesses might go out of business.

“Because then if we do that, we're just funneling business directly towards downtown and not paying attention to all those throughout the town that have been around for a long time and put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into these things,” said Galloway.

Mayor Humphrey told us the quick fix on open containers was not only successful, it set the tone for fun downtown that tourists  seemed to enjoy. The council is considering this relaxation for special occasions, events like art walk.

“What council probably won’t be comfortable with is opening up open container on a permanent bases all over the city. i don't think that's on the table,” said Mayor Humphrey.

You can bet there will be more discussion on the issue but with David Street Station and all the new restaurants downtown, it's a whole new ballgame to consider.