2nd Annual Food For Though Car Show

Casper, Wyoming - The Wyoming Food For Thought nonprofit received some big help for the upcoming school year. A car show was held at Hat Six Travel Center early Saturday. Donations of non perishable goods as well as funds were welcome. The auto show, hoping to deliver a truck bed full of goods to Food For Thought.

The sound of roaring engines filled the air and the cars; a mirror finish. The second annual Food For Thought Car Show was held, filling a portion of the Hat Six Travel Center parking lot with cars from all generations, and all sizes.

“It’s awesome [seeing] how many different kinds of cars we have. It’s fun,” said Becky Triscori the general manager at Hat Six Travel Center. “It's like the whole community comes together and puts on a show and everybody has their own tastes and their own favorite cars and it’s just a good time.”

The car show, aims to benefit Wyoming Food For Thought as the 2017 school year draws near.

“There's a lot of kids in casper that don't have any food for the weekend to eat after school,” said event coordinator Ray Parnell. “We're just helping Wyoming Food For Thought get some food together and have a little car show out here.”

We drop off food bags for students that need a little extra help. We deliver to boys and girls club, both locations. We deliver to the rec center and the YMCA,” said a volunteer with Wyoming Food For Thought.

Goods were piled into the bed of a restored farm truck, which was also part of the show. These goods, along with all the funds raised will go directly to Wyoming Food For Thought.

“It's really uplifting seeing a community come together for something that is so important to so many people in our society. It's just really uplifting to see a lot of people willing to help out,” said the Wyoming Food For Thought volunteer.

The auto show, in its second year, has already raised at least 1500 dollars for the nonprofit to help continue Food For Thought's backpack project.

“We like anything we do to have some benefit to someone. Of course you can't benefit everybody, but kids need something to eat and they need a good chance in life and that's what this is about,” said Oil Capitol Auto Club President, Jerry Russell.