20 Dogs Seized From Glenrock Shelter

Glenrock, Wyoming - Authorities rescued 20 dogs, found dehydrated and hungry in a makeshift private shelter in Glenrock. The dogs also riddled with flea bites, many of them losing their hair. Glenrock Police calling it a case of neglect. Tonight those dogs are responding to treatment under the care of two separate animal shelters.

For months now, these dogs have weathered deplorable conditions in a shelter that ironically was meant to rescue them. In June this same shelter was cited for animal cruelty involving 35 dogs. The dogs suffering from hunger to severe skin rashes.

“Most of it is skin conditions. Our veterinary reported flea bite dermatitis, hair loss, secondary yeast infections and skin lesions on the younger dogs,” said Glenrock Animal Control Officer, Stuart McCrary.

Investigators say the owner of the shelter Shey Virgilio, means well and probably had no intention of putting the dogs in danger, but has a problem saying no to taking in stray dogs.

“Basically what she said to me on friday as I was leaving was 'I just got overwhelmed.'” said McCrary. “She was tearful and remorseful. She was actually helpful in helping us get the dogs loaded up and removed.”

Authorities now citing Virgilio again with animal cruelty. 20 separate counts. But no arrests have been made in the case.

The dogs have been taken to shelters in Cheyenne and Douglas and are said to be responding to medical care and food.

“Both facilities did full veterinary checks on the animals. All the animals have been vaccinated. All the animals have been de-wormed. All the animals have been bathed with medicated baths,” said McCrary.

“They were pretty nervous when they got here. Especially after that kind of transportation,” said Chelsey Fletcher with Cheyenne Animal Shelter. “They were very playful and kind of snippy with each other at first. They have since decompressed quite a lot.”

We'll keep you updated on their conditions and when they'll be up for adoption.