Hurricane Harvey Relief

Casper, Wyoming - One Casper man has been collecting goods to take down to Hurricane Harvey survivors. You've probably seen him around as he’s sporting a trailer with "Hurricane Harvey Relief" painted on the side. This is only a fraction of resources headed to Texas.

Jeremy Harris, a hardworking handyman, is switching gears from repairing businesses to repairing families. Harris has been collecting water, goods and clothes to take down to Texas for Hurricane Harvey survivors.

“The Hurricane Harvey relief, we just decided it's time for Americans to stand up and show that we do truly love each other,” said Harris. “There's a lot of hate going on in the world nowadays and we want to show everybody that we're not about hate. We're about love.”

Harris has been towing his trailer around town to give awareness of his cause. Something he says has paid off. One resident making a trip to walmart to to help donate.

“She brought one box of every size of diaper. She bought numerous cans of formula, which is in desperate need. Wipes. What else did she bring, a lot of feminine products. They don't have any of those down there. Tampons and pads and stuff like that, and just dropped them off and said thank you for what you're doing and have a good day. That was it,” said Harris.

Harris will also join up with folks from Denver who will be taking a semi-truck full of goods to Texas.

“They got a 53 foot semi trailer. We've got people flying in from Vegas down to Denver. We're all gonna roll down. I've got a group in Rawlins I’ve gotta pick stuff up. In Lingal I gotta stop and pick stuff up. And then we're gonna load the trailer up in Denver,” Harris said. We've gotta stop in Colorado Springs and stop in Trinidad on the way down and load more stuff.”

This is the second wave of goods headed to Texas. Harris leaves Wednesday so there is still time to donate. You can donate by contacting Harris via E-mail at