3rd Annual Putt N' Play

Casper, Wyoming - September 9th 2017, is now Childhood Cancer Awareness Day in the Oil City. The proclamation signed by Mayor Kenyne Humphrey was put into motion today at the biggest fundraiser for the olivia caldwell foundation.

Ray Pacheco read the official proclamation this morning at The Old Town Family Fun Center. It states that September 9th be Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, helping raise knowledge of the leading cause of death by disease past infancy in the U.S.

“I think the beautiful part about Casper is that we're a community at heart. We're still that small community, and so we come together to help people by either raising awareness or raising money for research like pediatric cancer,” said Pacheco.

“It means the world every time you see people out here. They care and want to help us find a cure,” said Katie Caldwell, CEO of the Olivia Caldwell Foundation.

The decree made official during the third annual Putt N' Play for Pediatric Cancer. The fundraiser features mini golf, a carnival and a silent auction. The kids, enjoying the fun.

“My favorite one was the last hole. It’s just like, I think it’s really creative.” said one.

“I got a hole in one in one of the hardest ones,” said another, glowing with acomplishment.

All proceeds go to cancer research. The event that raised over 100 thousand dollars last year is looking to donate even more this year.

“These children are living their lives inside hospital rooms. Olivia was never able to walk or crawl or say her first word. Cancer took absolutely everything from her,” said Caldwell. “I don't want that to happen to any other children.”