9/11 Memorial Service In Evansville

Evansville, Wyoming - First responders, legislators and citizens gathering today at the Veterans Cemetery in Evansville to remember the lives lost in 9/11, their acts of bravery and how so many lives were changed by the attacks.

The 9/11 memorial service in Evansville brought a hush over the chapel at the veterans cemetery. The pews, a mix of first responders, state representatives and citizens as they remembered the lives of so many heroes that ran towards the danger not away 16 years ago.

“We need to keep that memorialized how many lives were lost, and what our county lost that day. Yes we've come out stronger, but we still fight those wars and those wars are meaningful to keep the terrorists out of our country,” said Rep. Pat Sweeney.

The service, beginning just after 11 Monday morning, had a guest speaker who shared how important it reflects our connection as Americans.

“When we have all this chaos in the world and in the United States and the split and this divide. But when something bad happens, we all come together,” said Assistant State Fire Marshal Mark Young. “I hope we never lose that, because that's our core. That's the core essence of Americans, it’s who we are.”

Detective John Hatcher read the names of 135 police officers and Chief Kenny King, the names of the 91 firefighters across the country who lost their lives serving right here on our streets, and in our neighborhoods. All just a year ago. They too were remembered.

“Reading those names are very hard. Those are fellow officers, even though I didn't know any of those officers. When I was reading those names up there, started trying to put faces with those. I have faces of fellow officers that I work with everyday that their name could be on that list,” said Det. Hatcher with the Casper Police Department. “I am very honored to be able to stand up there and read those names of officers to my eyes are heroes.”

Memorials all across America,  in a day to remember and so vital to teaching the next generation of Americans what not to forget. How freedom requires all of us not just the folks in uniform.

“It's really important we understand that day. Just like we understand December 7th 1941. You gotta look back, you gotta understand the history so that we can prepare for the future.” said Young.