Funky Junk In The Streets

Casper, Wyoming - Collectors of all kinds came out in full force to check out some trinkets, knick knacks, and any other interesting items you could hope for. Funky Junk was back in town and there was no shortage of excitement from the crowd.

Live music rang up and down a closed off portion of Durbin Street as the 5th Funky Junk event was underway. The event, a gathering of makers and creators that envision new lives for old pieces from furniture to reclaimed wood.

“I knew I wanted to build an event. I used to be a part of something kind of similar and I just wanted to build a community where people who are making things come and see if this is something they're good at and if they want to pursue that as a business or it's just a hobby,” said Whitney Asay the owner of Petuniaz Jewelry and the brains behind Funky Junk.

Beginning at 10 saturday morning, the event was already filled with people as interesting "junk" caught their eye.

“I saw a super cool chair. It was like a dresser mixed with a chair now I want it for my room,” said a young girl.

This junk, mostly refurbished, but some are just passing from home to home, keeping the character that was added over time.

“This stuff is all born in the U.S.A. I call it. I'm a picker. I’m sure everyone has seen that TV show, American Pickers. I'm that wannabe picker I guess. I call myself the Casper Picker. But I buy sell trade anything that's made in America,” said Funky Junk vendor, Shawn Wiggins.

A few items, speaking to some people more than others.

“As we're looking around, I happened upon this necklace holder. So right now all my necklaces are kind of in a drawer and getting all tangled, so this was a perfect piece,” said one shopper. “And the little owls are absolutely adorable.”

But if you looked hard enough, you might have seen school kids raising money for a class trip to China.

“So we're just trying to save up some money so we can go to China. Selling lemonade, iced tea, some cookies, some hot chocolate,” said a student.

The Funky Junk event, happens twice a year. If you missed it this year, don't worry, it will be back in May.