Casper Police Face Backlash

Casper, Wyoming - A Facebook post calling out the Casper Police Department for excessive force, has circulated the internet since it was posted early September. The son of the man arrested is now speaking out about the post and events leading up to the arrest.

Chris Benson was arrested earlier this month on charges of interference with a peace officer. It started when police were called to Benson's home.

“They were flagged down by a citizen who informed them that Mr. Benson was in a house and something to the effect that they thought there was some drug activity there. Officers responded there knocked on the door for a minute and finally Mr. Benson came to the door,” said Sgt. Dabney with the Casper Police Department.

Benson's son Lazarus said this is where the details get a little foggy.

“Looking at the affidavit, there's things missing in that affidavit that I feel like they should have told the public because it would have offered a lot more information,” said Lazarus Benson.

A Facebook post by Lazarus was posted soon after, saying the Casper Police Department had punched his father, who he says is disabled, knocking him out in the process. Investigators say the force used was appropriate.

“When we can't see somebody's hands, and we've given them multiple commands to show us their hands or to come out and comply with what their asking them to do, we have to think the worst, we don't have any choice but to think the worst,” said Dabney. “Once we come into a situation like that, we have to act accordingly for our safety as much as his safety.”

Police say information was left out of the affidavit for legal reasons.

“There's two sides to every story. Unfortunately for us, ours have to come out piecemeal. because there's legal concerns that we have to worry about. From the protection of that subject and the protection of his medical injury, we don't want anything to come out that he doesn't want to come out either,” said Dabney.

Lazarus has many questions, including the tip police received claiming his father lived in a drug house.

“Who's the lady, why just randomly show up and say it's a drug house?” said Benson.

He says the post, not about hatred for the police, but meant to hold them accountable for their actions.

‘I don't hate the police, I just hate when I see stuff like this. And people did get upset because I was calling out the whole CPD,” said Benson. “Well, you see, when one person does something in that entire unit, it reflects upon them and it makes them look bad and that shouldn't happen.”

The Benson Family, discussing what actions to take in the coming weeks. We will continue to keep you updated.