Gov. Mead Talks Economy Opportunities

Submitted: September 26th, 2017

By, Aaron Groff

Last month's ENDOW report read like the old question - What came first, the chicken or the egg? Wyoming needs a larger workforce to attract new companies and the companies are necessary to attract more workers. 

Governor mead says outside interest is building. 

(Gov. Mead): "International companies that recognize our great Ag products, our tourism, and our minerals."

Mead says a manufacturing company could announce a Wyoming move by the end of the year. Although who, and how many jobs it would add, is still confidential. 

(Gov. Mead): "Have the careers, have the business opportunities and not only keep people here, but attract people from the outside."

What we have right now is coal, and a lot of it. Wyoming is still the country's largest producer. 

At Monday's meeting with the Wyoming Community Development Authority, the Governor discussed a $10 Million competition to best use CO2. The ideas are interesting and foamy. 

(Gov. Mead): "Beer has been mentioned. Toothpaste has been mentioned. Artificial sweetener has been mentioned."

Japanese companies see opportunity here, meeting with Mead in Gillette. They discussed zero emission coal use. Wyoming is hoping to beat the globe to market. 

(Gov. Mead): "Not only should we view this not only as an opportunity, but a challenge. We want to lead not only in production of coal, but innovation regarding coal."

Another reason for optimism - Mead says Wyoming is $80 MIllion ahead of CREG estimated, but still $100 Million short of the budget.