Police Car Rear-Ended

Casper, Wyoming - One Casper police car is out of commission after it was rear ended by an alleged drunk driver over the weekend. The accident occurred just after midnight Saturday; tonight officers say the crash could have been much worse.

Its an all too frightening and familiar sight across the country. Law Enforcement officers finding themselves on the other end of careless drivers, possibly injuring them for life. Sometimes the drivers can impaired and sometimes distracted. Saturday night it happened again this time right here in the Oil City.

The intersection of 1st and Yellowstone is where a driver plowed into the rear end of a stopped Casper Police Car. The driver of the vehicle, allegedly intoxicated.

“There was significant damage to the rear end of the vehicle. That vehicle cannot be driven until it gets repairs done to it,” said Det. John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department.

The officer, on routine patrol at the time was stopped at a red light when the gray Chevy Aveo collided with the police car. A minor miracle that there was no injures.

According to authorities 26 year old Ashley Jones was reportedly headed home when she hit the CPD vehicle. Investigators suspected that alcohol might have been involved. Jones was given a field sobriety test which officers say she failed. She was later given a breathalyzer to which she reportedly blew a .221, almost 3 times over the legal limit.

This is at least the second crash involving the Casper PD and an alleged impaired driver. One happened late last month.

“We had an officer that night that was working a DUI enforcement grant and he was struck by an impaired driver that night,” said Det. Hatcher.

While Casper Police haven't seen many crashes, Det Hatcher says, highways are more likely to see them.

“It happens quite often to highway patrolmen and deputies that they are rear ended,” said Det. Hatcher. “It seems like the flashing red and blue lights almost lures a person over and they kind of concentrate and hit the back of highway patrolmen and deputies.”

These officers, putting their lives on the line when they step out of their vehicle on the side of any road be it just writing a ticket or stopping an impaired or distracted driver from hurting others.