Thin Blue Line Race 2017

Mills, Wyoming - More than 30 pairs of shoes were laced up and the runners hit the street for the 3rd annual Thin Blue Line Race, an effort to support law enforcement agencies in the Casper area. Officers and their families joined citizens to help blur the line between being an officer and being just an everyday resident.

“If we can buy just one officer a kevlar vest, that's going to save his life,” said Pam Miller.

Like many in casper, Pam knows someone involved in law enforcement. These officers, part of a large community in the area that have 2 lives. Peacekeepers and civilians. The line between the two just one step closer to being blurred.

“Especially when you see that there's local police officers here running also, that these are people just like you and I. they get up and they go to work and they put themselves in danger every single day and I think sometimes we don't appreciate what they do,” said Miller.

Racers came out to the park on 1st street in Mills to show support for the men and women in blue, and recognize their hard work.

“Any more support for law enforcement seems kind of hard to come by, and so this was something nice to just. There are plenty of people who do support it and willing to step out and support it,” said Alex Trimble, a 10k finisher. “It's almost really, I wanna say reassuring because a lot of my family is still on the force so it's nice to see it still happens.”

A little after 9 Saturday morning, runners set out on a 5k and a 10k journey throughout the Mills area. Some of the first finishers, officers themselves.

“Ya know, we are part of this community too so everybody coming together is only beneficial to everybody,” said Shannon Daley, a detective with Casper Police Department.

This wasn't just to recognize officers, but to help the departments by splitting the proceeds.

“Everything from today's race will go to the law enforcement. I know last year we raised, I think  it was about $1400 that we divided between the agencies,” said Miller.

The Thin Blue Line Race, coming just days before the Casper Police Department begins their community outreach project with Coffee With A Cop on Wednesday.