First Flight From Vegas Lands In Casper

Casper, Wyoming - Sadly several people from the cowboy state were in Las Vegas for that special concert. This afternoon the first flight back to Casper since the tragedy landed and with it, people who were near the strip the night it happened.

For some passengers it looked like the end of a long vacation. Others were still in a state of aftershock.

“Our hotel, we could see down on the strip. We saw all the cop cars and ambulances and fire trucks and everything. They did tell us there was an active shooting,” said Ann Roylance who stayed at the Tropicana Hotel.

“You hear things going on around the world all the time everyday, and until you actually have that happen in a place that you live, is very different,” said Sloan Lane, a Las Vegas resident.

Some concertgoers just didn't want to talk about it. Kaitlin Slagle, a student at University of Las Vegas, was walking back to her dorm the night it happened.

“We actually went to a study room and we could see the strip from the window but we couldn't see anything that was going on,” said Slagle.

What you saw at Casper's airport was a lot of hugging. Friends and relatives on this end of their trip thankful to see their loved ones alive, after all the frightening news coverage.

“The mood of the whole city is just extremely different right now. it's quiet and calm,” said Lane.

Las Vegas and the area around, seeing a larger police presence.

“There was a lot more cars, everywhere there was a street there was a cop car either driving down it or parked down it. They were standing outside, they were on the corners. They were everywhere,” said Slagle.

Las Vegas strong is now the mantle of a city demoralized by a crazed gunman. Casper hoping Vegas and the rest of the country will pull through it and heal.