Casper Kids Against Hunger

Casper, Wyoming - Roughly 1000 volunteers filled the Highland Park Community Church for the this year’s Kids Against Hunger mission. Several organizations including the natrona County Football team participated. The goal for the food packing event is to provide 230 thousand meals to send to Nicaragua.

“This is developed by an organization called Kids Against Hunger initially for Haiti, but it’s used in some 35 countries around the world. We use it in Nicaragua,” said Roger Fuhrman, the Co-chair Of Kids Against Hunger.

After the collection of food, nearly 1000 volunteers converted the tonnage into meals fit for 6 in this years Casper Kids Against Hunger food packing event.

“What these kids don't get is protein, so this has a soy byproduct that is high in protein in it. That takes it up to 40 percent protein. And it's got a vitamin mineral package that has 21 minerals and vitamins as well as some dried veggies,” said Fuhrman.

Kids and adults alike made up 13 teams of 12 to get the meals ready to ship to Nicaragua. The ingredients heat sealed in packs and delivered in partnership with the NiCE foundation at an astonishing 30 cents per meal.

“I think we packed, we kind of lost track, we packed 3 thousand meals a few years ago, we're at 5 million meals now,” said John Knable with the NiCE Foundation.

Boxes filled with the food packs were stacked on a pallet ready to ship. The cause bringing the Centennial Middle School Student Council and the Natrona County High School Football team fresh off their win in the oil bowl to help out.

“It feels great to know that I'm doing something for a really poor country that needs this for their kids to be able to great in school,” said  Kayden Cegeist with the Centennial Jr. High Student Council.

“Even being in this church, they really don't even care if you have the same religion, they're just having everybody they can just coming together to work together to help everybody they can,” said Natrona County Football Player Chris Brown.

Highland Park Church has amassed the largest packing operation in the country to get the meals ready to go.

“We're gonna go to Ohio when we get done here next weekend and we will pack 10 tables there but they're only packing 30 thousand meals. They've got a lot of volunteers but not much money. These guys got everything,” said Knable.

The meals will make to Nicaragua in early January as students begin their school year.