Yellowstone Officials Euthanize Bear

by Taylor Viydo, 
Yellowstone Park officials say they've killed a grizzly bear linked to the park's two fatal maulings this summer. 
The euthanized bear is responsible for the July death of a California man. However, it was not put down at the time, as park officials said it was reacting naturally to defend it's two cubs. 
Last week DNA from that same bear was found at the scene of another fatal mauling that took place in August. That time, a Michigan hiker was attacked and killed by a bear. 
While it is not clear if the bear was responsible for both of the attacks, park officials say it was put down to protect both park visitors and staff. "Because we can place this bear at the scene of two fatal attacks, we felt that we needed to make the difficult decision of putting the bear down in the interest of visitor and employee safety." said Yellowstone Park spokesman Al Nash.
Nash says the investigation of the August mauling will continue, since evidence shows that "several" bears were in the area of the August mauling. If any additional bears are captured, they will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.