Former Welcome Signs Auctioned Off

Casper, Wyoming - Some history buffs are now owning their piece of the pie Some Wyoming  memorabilia that they paid thousands for. They graced the roads of several highways here in the Cowboy State and one of those signs is now in Evansville.

If you have traveled the the Cowboy State over the last ten years, you may have passed one of these iconic signs welcoming you to Wyoming . A piece of history, that were destined for storage as WyDOT rotates them now every 8 years along your license plates.

“We didn't have any idea how this was going to go, because this was our first auctioned we've ever held, said Aimee Inama with WyDOT Public Affairs.

Five of the signs were auctioned off via the state’s surplus website this week and it raised over 33 thousand dollars. One of the signs costing a pretty penny.

“I believe one sign went for about 10 thousand dollars. I think any of those signs, they're just a cool piece of Wyoming  history,” said Inama.

Tiffany Gamble of the Hat Six Travel Center managed to get her hands on one of these signs. Gamble says all it took was one look.

“When I saw it come across my facebook feed, and one of my friends have texted me and I saw it. I knew I had to have one. I want a piece of Wyoming  history and this is one of the best ways to do that,” said Gamble

After a number of inquiries about the retired signs it dawned on WyDOT to sell them off by way of an auction

“We've had a lot of public interest about our old signs. People were interested in finding out how they could acquire one of those old signs,” said Inama. “So we felt this was the best and most fair way for people to be able to get a sign.”

Out of the 5 signs, 3 have stated in Wyoming, but two went to a gentleman in Appleton, Wisconsin who was quoted by WyDOT as saying “I really love everything western, and I consider these western art," and “I may put one in my driveway and another in my garage.”

As for the Hat Six Travel Center, the plan to unveil the sign in the spring.

“This is definitely the bow on top of the present. I think that this is the final piece that makes the new travel center be what it is and it’s all about Wyoming and this is kinda the final piece we are missing,” said Gamble.

A happy ending for everyone. WyDOT says they plan on using the money for an upcoming road improvement project. As for the next auction it could be a while.