Man Charged With Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Casper, Wyoming - A man is behind bars tonight after being arrested on charges of sexually abusing a minor. The District Attorney's office has had it's share of such cases of late and is prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

Hugo Mandoza-cora is facing 2 counts of sexual abuse of a minor. We're not sure yet just how young the victim is. Authorities say a friend of the victim told school officials saying the victim and her sister were allegedly touched in a sexual manner by someone she knew.

While Natrona County District Attorney Michael Blonigen wouldn't comment directly on this case, he told us he see's an alarming number of sexual abuse cases and many of them have

a common thread.

“The overwhelming majority of our cases come from people the child knows,” said District Attorney Michael Blonigen. “In fact so much so that a stranger case is a rare thing. We also want them to be aware that it’s not the guy behind the bush that’s a danger. It's probably somebody you know if there's a problem.”

Authorities say, the Children's Advocacy Project interviewed the victim to which she disclosed Mandoza had touched her private parts on multiple occasions. The victim said it made her feel itchy and it felt weird. However according to police, the victim was unable to articulate what private parts were used for.

“So one of the things that allows us to move more quickly is that everybody along the line is more aware with whats going on with that case. It’s not like it's a case that's fully worked up and then it's dropped on our desk or dropped at DFS. Everybody is involved early on and I think that's one of the reasons we can move forward with those cases a little more quickly.”

The police report says the victim was taken to Wyoming Medical Center for a sexual assault examination. Mandoza maintained throughout investigator interviews that he did not touch the victim and later rejected a polygraph test and asked for a lawyer. Mandoza is facing 2 counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

“We find that many of the people that are in prison even for these sort of offenses have been victimized themselves. So we have a couple of problems here,” said D.A. Blonigen. “First it's very hard on the child as you can imagine, but secondly it's also laying groundwork that has to be confronted right now or that person could develop problems of their own later in life, often associated with abusive trauma.”

Judge Brown initially set the bond at $100,000 dollars but after some discussion it was dropped to $50,000 dollars with conditions to not leave Natrona County and not have any contact with the victim.