Casper Woman Donates 30 Gal. Of Blood

Casper, Wyoming - According to The American Red Cross, 50 percent of blood donors are regulars. Each donation producing 1 pint of blood. But here in the Oil City, one donor is more than just a regular. She's one of a kind.  K2's David Furtado reports.

Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. If you consider 86,400 seconds in a day, just over 43 thousand people in the U.S. need blood each day. That's a lot of blood. Gallons of it. And nobody knows gallons like Marty Robinson of Casper, Wyoming. She's been giving blood for 43 years.

“I think it's a fantastic thing that I can do so little and help so many people,” said Marty Robinson.

Even though it was in the 20's outside, snow falling on and off for most of the morning. There was Marty giving blood saving another life.

“It is not a big thing, I mean I will just go on with my life. Whatever I have got planned on the schedule for the day,” said Robinson.

But Thursday wasn't just any day at the united blood services in Casper, it was all about Marty.

With over 30 gallons donated and finishing up her 246th donation, Marty Robinson has helped over 700 people.

To commemorate the milestone, Robinson received a pin but to her, this donation, her 246th, is just another day.

“Fewer than 50 people in the state of Wyoming have achieved that accomplishment. So it's an amazing accomplishment and United Blood Services and the Wyoming community just thanks her for her commitment to donating blood,” said Brittany Siegel, the donor recruitment manager for the United Blood Services.

By 11:15 another pint was bagged and ready to be sent to hospitals for those in need.

“We see first hand the need for blood. Its needed everyday. The hospitals are open 365 days a year so therefore blood usage is 365 days a year,” said Siegel. “Someone uses blood every 2-3 seconds so to see the commitment from people in the community is amazing.”

Remember that statistic, every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood? Well in the time you watched this story 67 people needed help. No problem for Marty Robinson and her 30 donated gallons. Saving the lives of 735 people.

“It keeps me coming back knowing that I can help other people and it’s something I don't really think about but it is a good feeling that I know that people may be living or living healthier because of the blood I can donate. God has given me good health and good blood and I can share that with those who don't,” said Robinson.