Cemetery Vase Thief Allegedly Shoplifting

Casper, Wyoming - She first made headlines when authorities caught her with stolen flower vases. Stolen off of graves here in Casper. Janna Szynskie was still awaiting her sentence, but she is now facing new charges.

The case of the stolen flower vases angered a lot of people in Casper, who couldn't understand why anyone would ravage the grave sites of their loved ones. Janna Szynski told authorities she didn't steal them, but she admitted to being in possession of them. Now police say she has been arrested on new charges. Shoplifting at Wal-mart

“Officers responded to Wal-mart for a shoplifting. A suspect has taken some food,” said Sgt. Mike Ogden with the Casper Police Department.

Janna Szynskie admitted to taking over 100 vases from Memorial Gardens Cemetery and later plead guilty to one count of wrongful taking or disposing of property. Police say the vases were going to be melted down for their scrap value. Thursday, Szynskie stood before a camera once again after she allegedly shoplifted from the east side Wal-mart.

‘They contacted us and officers arrived and ended up arresting her for trespassing and shoplifting as well,” said Sgt. Ogden.

Investigators say Szynskie told them she was hungry and wanted food but that wasn't all she wanted, say authorities, she also had a shopping cart filled with various items and attempted to exit through the garden center doors without paying.

Cops tell us this wasn't Synskie's first run in with Wal-mart. That she had been told not to return to the store or she'd be charged with trespassing. For now Szynskie is facing 10 years behind bars and up to a 10 thousand dollar fine for the stolen vases. Now she may get more time.