Sierra West Prepares For Christmas

Casper, Wyoming - While our early glimpse at a winter wonderland, in the form of snow may be melting, but a Christmas wonderland at Sierra West is days away from flourishing. 100 trees set up to showcase the beauty of the holiday season.

Halloween, a holiday where people dress up and enjoy the company of others. Christmas, almost the same except instead of dressing yourselves up you dress the tree.

“I counted yesterday and there is approximately 100 trees that are down here decorated in different themes,” said Kari Hand, co-owner of Sierra West.

Sierra West has been putting together their Christmas store for a few months now and it’s days away from its open. A store with so much holiday spirit it feels like Christmas year round.

“We had kinda hoped it would do that. We didn't know for sure with it before had been so compartmentalized in separate rooms,” said Hand. “I wanted something where it was just open and airy and you can walk through and enjoy and take your time, and it never felt closed in at all.”

Though the transformation wasn't easy, some doubted the size of the space and theme separation, but thanks to pillars along the walls a natural separation began to develop.

“When they come around and see that there's a whole new look and after they doubted us so that we could do it. I just would like them to see it,” said the other co-owner of the store, Judy Anderson. “That's what excites me the most. Is just seeing people with their awe struck ways.”

With almost 30 themes, picking one over all the others can be a Christmas miracle.

“I would have to say the religious sections will be my very favorite,” said Anderson.

“I don’t know if I can pick one, as we were doing them, everyday I would get one done my mom would say 'I think that's my favorite. The next day I would do a different one and she would say 'I think that one's my favorite. So I always have a soft spot for the western one because we are in wyoming,” said Hand.

The Christmas portion of Sierra West opens for the holiday season November 2nd, 2017.