Vehicle Fire Strikes On The Hook Towing

Casper, Wyoming - Natrona County Firefighters got the call this morning of a structure fire near Bar Nunn, but it was no structure fire. When they arrived at On The Hook Towing, four cars were fully engulfed in flames, a fifth car damaged slightly. It's mystery, at least for now.

Was it spontaneous combustion or some kind of malicious mischief? Authorities are still investigating a fire that torched 4 cars and slightly damaged a fifth at On The Hook Towing near Bar Nunn.

“The first arriving engine immediately started putting water on all the vehicles and extinguish them so they wouldn't spread to numerous other vehicles. The winds last night, were actually helping us quite a bit to keep it away from other structures because there were houses behind them,” said Matt Gacke, a Chief Fire Inspector with the Natrona County Fire Department.

Thankfully, no houses were damaged, but it was probably quite the surprise for any driver, to find out their car wasn't just towed, it's now totaled.

“This one's still under investigation. It's kind of - but it's still under investigation right now,” said Gacke in a nonchalant tone. “It is an unusual scenario because those cars have been sitting there for a couple days. We did scan the area; we didn't find any footprints of anybody trying to break into the vehicles or purposely trying to start them on fire.”

On The Hook Towing allowed us to film one of the vehicles but said the others still might have liability issues. Not pretty. Blacker than a burnt marshmallow, still dripping wet after fire crews extinguished the blaze.

Luckily, authorities tell us that these vehicles were all at the tow yard due to damages from car accidents.

On The Hook Towing released a statement saying they 'have been in contact with all the owners of the vehicles' and they are working with their 'insurance company to ensure that the damage will be taken care of.’ As for these vehicles, you're not likely to see any them on the highway any time soon.