2017 Holiday Craft Fair At The VFW

Casper, Wyoming - Items from soaps to holiday themed wreaths caught the eyes of the shoppers and vendors as the 8th annual Holiday Craft Fair at the Veterans Of Foreign Wars wrapped up Saturday. The crafts, as unique as the makers themselves, but in addition to the crafts, one man still on his mission to help a Hurricane Irma survivor made an appearance.

Whether the thought of a relaxing bath caught your attention or perhaps you're looking for a one of a kind item, homemade crafts during this weekend's holiday fair at the VFW were full of character. The likes manufacturing can't compete with.

“That catches their eye right away because it's so unique, and it’s different,” said vendor Jerry Scott. “If you look at the tin ones you can get from Mexico, they are all stamped out and this is just all done by hand right here in Wyoming.”

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case it was all about keeping the craft fair going.

“They're used to be a really big craft fair at a church on second street that we used to go to. It was Highland Park and when they stopped doing that craft fair, a lot of vendors were looking for a place to replace that craft fair. So we have the facility up here that we thought we could start a craft fair up here,” said event coordinator, April Steffensmier.

As christmas slowly approaches, shoppers found gifts fit to give anyone quite the surprise.

“Books for my grandchildren and stocking stuffers and some lip stuff for ourselves. We're gonna go back and buy some doilies. We'd buy everything. We love it all,” said shopper Rhonda Mundorf

Aside from vendors, one man is still vibrating those vocal chords to help a Hurricane Irma survivor.

“I gave my word to help the lady down there. She has 2 little girls and she lost her house and it means a lot to her. I just keep going, ya know, it's a good cause and my heart goes out to them and it's something I wanna do,” said Roy Davis.

Some vendors don't have online stores or ways to order products. Making the only option to get some of these unique items, is to pop in and take a look around.