"Snow Child" By The Red Dogs Players

Casper, Wyoming - The Red Dogs Players Theater Group is looking to expand their appeal to younger audiences with their own rendition of a 200 year old Russian folktale. The Snow Child follows a peasant couple who receive a child princess born from snow. The adaptation, done by the play’s director, sets the story right here in the Cowboy State.

Snegurka, or the Snow Maiden being the english translation, is a 200 year old Russian folktale that first hit printed pages in 1862. But here in 2017, it's story comes to life in play adapted for young audiences.

“I want young families who haven't set foot in the door to come. I want children to come, teenagers, babies even to come. So we picked a story that will appeal to the young. It has romance, passion, action, danger, adventure and at the end everybody's happy ever after,” said director Jack Damien.

The theater group, working hard as they prepared for their roles and next week's performances.

“Because part of it takes place in the woods, I had to go out in nature for a while to feel the trees so that when I'm on stage with the trees I can appreciate that they're there,” said Mary Lou Lenhart who plays the character of Snow Child.

Damien says, the group’s usual productions, melodramas, had candid comedy to break up the play, but with this fairy tale, he aims for perfection.

“If we do forget a few lines, people understand. You know like, line! What's my line, I can’t remember it. It's okay with them. But now snow child I should say, is a different genre, it's more passion and beauty. So we're going to try our very best to those lines perfect,” said Damien.

One actress is returning to the stage after 60 years in humbug, the second play in the groups double feature. She says, the performances are a perfect opportunity to captivate young audiences.

“I’m really excited to get younger people interested in performing arts whether it be this or music or whatever. That's the best part of performing, is being around people that like to perform and like to be the center of attention,” said Susie Jo Shelton who plays a sheriff and any extras the play needs.

Ticket sales end on November 8th, with performances on November 10th at 5:30 and 12:30 on the 11th at the Central Wyoming Senior Services Center.