Family Of Turkeys Part Of The Neighborhood

Casper, Wyoming - Just as the swallows return to Capistrano, the buzzards to Hinckley, Ohio. So goes a group of wild turkeys who return to Casper. Only these turkeys return every day about this time of year. Janet and Floyd Field aren't sure why they return, they just do.  With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away you'd think they'd be heading out, not hanging out.

“Matilda was here first,” said Janet Field. “That's grandma.” Floyd added.

It's getting to the point Janet and Floyd Field are starting to know some of these wild turkeys by name. Truth be told they used to raise turkeys, kind of ironic.

“We thought that since we raised turkeys before that when these, when Matilda came around, for the first time I thought 'well that's kinda strange’. And so we must have affection for them or they sense that we know what turkey's are about or something,” said Floyd.

We all know the President gets to pardon a turkey as it gets closer to Thanksgiving. These turkeys seem to have been given a free pass.

“One day they were running around this tree right here like a - they were chasing one another and they were just circling around that tree out there, it was just so funny to watch them,” Janet said.

One turkey that has haunted Casper College for the last couple of years is a fowl named Thomas Gobbles. The Field's say gobbles is one of Casper's famous turkeys and is believed to have appeared with this flock, getting his start right in their backyard.

“But he was here for a long time then he just moved out when his sister kinda took over the territory and she had 3 babies two years ago, she started with 5,” said Janet. “This year she was able to save all 5.”

Since it is November, the question had to be asked. Were there ever plans to gobble one of them up?

“Yeah, I used to call one of them Thanksgiving, one of them Christmas and one New Years. The other two were Watch and Out. I can get within a foot and a half of them. So if I wanted one I could grab one just that quick. They're probably quicker than me,” said Floyd.

By the way Thomas Gobbles harassed just about anyone who walked by him. The others, less finicky. Still it's becoming a bit of a tradition around here. The Fields can't seem to shake the birds, and don't look for them to get stuffed any time soon. They're just visiting.