Flags Hung On Verda James Bridge

Casper, Wyoming - Early risers got a peak of 2 flags gracing the Verda James Bridge just after sunrise. The 5 by 8 flags, zip-tied to the fence, serve as banners honoring the veterans of the Cowboy State, and the country. K2's David Furtado reports.

High above Wyoming Boulevard, 2 flags fly in honor of the veterans that fought for our country and those who continue to wear the uniform. Drivers, showing their support during their Friday  morning commute.

“I love it, I'm sure they love the flag just as much as I do. It's on everything I can put it on. Even my truck hitch for example,” said Casper Councilman Jesse Morgan. “Any special day whether it's Patriots Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or Independence Day I’m always supporting the red white and blue and people love it.”

Jesse Morgan was joined by Nate Baxter with Patriot Hunts Of Wyoming early Friday to get the stars and stripes up before the sun.

“It's tough getting up in the morning, but it’s something that's easy to do once you realize the bigger picture,” said Morgan.

“One of the best things about being a hunter, is early morning sunrises. That's something I'm pretty used to. Not a lot of people have taken advantage of getting up that early,” said Nate Baxter.

The waving flags, extending the Veterans Day observance. Friday, the actual federal holiday, though many institutions are holding formal ceremonies on Saturday this year. Morgan, who's also a Casper City Councilman, following up on the condition of the bridge after one of his younger constituents asked about it at a recent council meeting.

“I came up to this bridge after a little girl, Miss Jacobson came to city council and said she's concerned about the bridge and the condition that it's in,” Morgan said. “So I'd thought I'd come and walk the bridge and while I was doing that I thought it would be great to have 2 flags for Veterans Day hung up.”

Morgan tells KTWO-TV that these flags went up this morning at sunrise and will be taken down tonight at sunset. Tomorrow the whole will repeat itself for Veterans Day.

‘We're free, we live in the land of opportunity and it's because of our veterans. So absolutely by the time we take it down, it'll be close of a day and tomorrow will be a new day,” Baxter said. “It'll be that same feeling we had this morning. Hopefully more people see it, more people will honk. It'll be a new day and it'll be a good feeling all over again.”