Thanksgiving Day Celebrations

Casper, Wyoming - Thanksgiving. A holiday for food, family and last minute supermarket runs. The Oil City, staying proactive as the 23rd approaches, bringing families together and enjoying fresh food. But each Thanksgiving Day chef adds their own twist on the classic dish.

“I think if it's homemade and it has a lot of pumpkin spice in it. And a good crust, you gotta have a good crust.”

Thanksgiving dinner. Cherished by many, varies from home to home. Making each dinner one of a kind, but what makes one dish better than another?

“Because I put it in a brine with apples and cinnamon sticks. Just gives it a good flavor.”

But what is the secret to making a good pumpkin pie?

“Half and half. Instead of milk, I put in half and half in it. So it makes it creamier.”

The holiday, with roots of appreciation of others, brings loved ones together from all over the Cowboy State.

“We get busy with life and don't get a lot of time to travel up so just going up and hanging out with my family.”

Any family gathering wouldn't be genuine without its traditions.

“Sometimes my uncle pulls a prank on my great grandmother. One year he took the turkey out of the oven and put a tiny one in and told her she shrunk it.”

A week and a half from now families across the country will gather around the table and share what they're thankful for.

“Thankful to have my kids around and not have the pressure of the holiday of Christmas and gifts and all that.”

“I'm just thankful to be blessed with what I am blessed with. So I thank god for that every day, and I'm blessed with an amazing family.”