3 Finalists For Police Chief Position

Casper, Wyoming - The search for a new police chief in Casper is down to three, though the city wouldn't be specific as to which three. That search began with 45 applicants and has been going on since the arrival of the new City Manager Carter Napier.

The City Manager's Office for the past few weeks has narrowed down the 4 finalists for the Casper Police Chief position: Brett Quilter from the Boise Police Department. Drew Sanders with the West Jordan Police Department, that's in Utah,  Keith Mcpheeters with the Farmington Police Department, Farmington, New Mexico and not to be overlooked, Steve Schulz the city's acting police chief.

“It’s going good, we had a lot of really good visits a couple weeks ago now. A week and a half ago now, and had a lot of members of public involved and engaged in the process,” said Carter Napier.

The final candidates, brimming with experience says Napier who would only say he's down to three candidates, but kept private the latest candidate no longer in consideration.

“They bring a lot of cachet, if you will, to the table with regard to the contributions they could potentially make in our department and our community. So we're pretty pleased,” said Napier. “We feel like we're in the catbird seat with regard to these candidates and I’m very comfortable that given the feedback we've gotten and the effort that we've taken to try to get direction from the community, I think we're going to have the person that will fit very nicely.”

As the battle for that position continues Napier believes we may see someone hired over the next couple of weeks.

“At this point we're doing some research on the candidates that have kinda risen to the top and hopefully in just a few weeks we'll be able to make that announcement and have a person on board,” Napier said.

Carter Napier, a busy man, remember he's also looking to replace Fire Chief Kenny King who retires in January.