Man Busted For Crashing Car Into Fence

Casper, Wyoming - One man is behind bars after crashing his car into a fence near Journey Elementary School. Police say the driver and the passengers all left the scene but they were soon located. But investigators say this isn't the suspects first DUI.

Witnesses told investigators they saw the drive coming around this bend by the intersection of Skyridge and Coffman before continuing on into the fence.

“Citizens actually heard a crashing noise outside. They looked out and seen a vehicle that had been wrecked in the area of Journey Elementary,” said Detective John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department.

When investigators arrived, they saw the 6 foot chain link fence mangled and tire tracks running through the field behind it. Witnesses say 2 passengers fled the scene. The suspect was later found with the car.

“They actually saw a female subject and a male subject get out of the passenger side of the vehicle, the vehicle was disabled. And then leave walking down Coffman Street,” said Det. Hatcher.

Authorities tell us they later caught up to the suspects who according to investigators left the scene and they say the driver was a man later identified as Scott Jackson. Police documents go on to say they spoke to Scott Jackson who claimed he wasn't driving at the time but when authorities proceeded to give him a field sobriety test they say he failed it.

“We find this happens a lot when people are driving impaired. They crash their vehicles, they leave the area trying to think maybe no one would find out they were driving the vehicle but they do get an additional charge of leaving the scene of the accident,” Det. Hatcher said.

Police say this is Jackson's 3rd DUI making it a felony charge. Jackson is also being charged with driving under suspension, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without insurance.