NCHS Hits Record High For Gobble Gobble Give

Casper, Wyoming - We are getting closer to our goal of a 100-thousand pounds at K2TV as our Gobble Gobble Give Food Drive heads into overdrive with less than a week left. This year, from car mechanics and bakers to bankers and supermarket managers, one of the leading fundraisers this year; the students at Natrona County High School apparently, now well over their goal. Today N.C. relaxed its dress code to raise the bar a few more dollars. Natrona County High School, set it’s goal at two thousand pounds and while we can't tell you their current totals, if you're in the competition you are going to have to crank it up this weekend.

You saw them on your doorstep. Bags with Gobble Gobble Give notices encouraging you to donate.

“Community wise, we're doing something good for others and we'd like others to participate in it showing we aren't just stuck up people, we actually do like to give to others,” said Leadership Student Megan Evans.

The result 100's and 100's of pounds of food from generous donors awaiting pick up for the big day.

“I think it's really cool that we could band together as a school and collect this much food. We gotta be able to help people that might not have had food this holiday and I think we take for granted how much food that we get every holiday and some people just don't have that food. I think that's really cool,” said Emma Kellick a student at NCHS.

And it's not over for the these kids. They are out to win.

“We talk every day in leadership. One of the things we talk about is how blessed we are, how lucky we are, and how we can take our blessings and share them with others,” said Leadership Teacher Brian Sanders.

But Friday, a genius of an idea, spawned by Principal Shannon Harris, relaxing the dress code allowing the students to wear hat as long as they donated a dollar to the food bank of the rockies. As for teachers, not to be outdone. For the low, low donation of $10 teachers were allowed to wear jeans for the week, and there's more planned for next week.

“It really is an amazing feat. And to the number of people that it'll be able to bless is just phenomenal,” said Aspen Delano, another NCHS student.

With each dollar translating into 5 pounds, the school is looking at delivering thousands of pounds of food to deserving families here in Natrona County and across Wyoming.

“Oh gosh, it's fantastic. It will put a smile on my face every time I walk in and not just food but the excitement behind the food. The excitement of look at what we have and look at what we're doing for others that we don't know. It's just - it's awesome,” said Ashley Nickolai  with the Wyoming Food Bank Of The Rockies.

Last year the NCHS raised just under a 1000 pounds. This year they may just wind up on the top of the heap!

Original Air Date: 11/17/17