Brain Candy Live In Casper

Casper, Wyoming - You may have seen him on TV, but now you can see him here in the Oil City. A Mythbuster from the hit Discovery Channel show has teamed up with a Youtube science personality to bring the true nature of science on the road with their touring show called Brain Candy.

What is brain candy?

“That feeling you get when you learn something brand new that changes your perspective on something. That feeling, that endorphin rush, that's brain candy,” said Adam Savage.

Adam Savage. The eccentric half of the Mythbusters duo. And Michael Stevens. The brain behind the Youtube channel Vsauce and the man setting out to answer the many questions of the universe have teamed up to bring science and entertainment to your back seat. Kinda like this. With much less destruction.

“It’s not just a thing that you have to be a big brained geeky scientist to appreciate,” said Stevens. “It’s for everyone, all of us are curious. It’s part of being human.”

You may have caught them on some network talk shows.

“We get to demonstrate these things. Have a bunch of fun doing it. Show that learning is awesome and powerful even if it’s just recreational,” said Stevens

But Adam says, the show talks science in ways that schools can't.

“Unfortunately educationally, science teachers are not supported enough to make science as fascinating as it really can be for kids. Science is a story, it's the best story we currently have about a portion of the world or the universe we're looking at. And when you make that clear to anybody; when they understand the story behind the science, then they really understand it,” said Savage.

The tour has been taking the duo all over the world from the densely packed Kitchener, Ontario to small town Casper on April 25th of next year.

“It is unparalleled. It is a really lovely journey that I've gotten to go on in the 5 years I've been touring shows around the world and in the future,” said Savage.

“I have in the past, only been doing Youtube videos. So I never get to see the audience. I don't know who's watching. They're just a number on a view counter,” said Stevens. “But by doing Brain Candy Live, I've been able to meet and talk with and take pictures with, and really meet them.”

Original Air Date: 11/19/17