Food Bank Of The Rockies Thanksgiving Dinner Distr

Casper, Wyoming - Gobble Gobble Give with a just a few days left an incredible effort to brighten the lives of thousands of Wyomingites in need this holiday season. With 100's out of work, others getting back on their feet, it was a welcoming sight today as food was distributed to more than 1,300 families thankful for the generosity of people right here in the Cowboy State who care.

Hundereds of residents. Hundreds, braved the brisk Wyoming wind, waiting in line to get turkeys, potatoes and even desserts. Everything just shy of a recipe.

“Well it brings out the good graces of god and it shows that they're are nice people out there,” said one resident.

Some, seeing a new side of Casper after they fell on some hard times and the city, here to lift them up.

“I lost my husband, I was in a car wreck. Lost weight, was in the hospital a lot you know. It’s just neat to see the other side of, you know, if you're a person that does help and all that to see the other side. Because I've had so many people help me and bless me with things.”

Tonja Funch with the Food Bank Of The Rockies says the need is real and greater than ever. Neighbors helping neighbors. You never know, you may need the help. Just food no judgement.

‘We do this every year and we do it because we know that there are very many families that need that help and so that's why all of these agencies come together and today we've got 1300 people that are going to be going through this line,” said Funch.

With almost 200 volunteers coming to help dole out food, smiles, laughs and compassion quickly spread throughout the building.

“I think it's important that it be about something more than just us. And that’s what I think everybody here is doing. It is about something else. Someone else. The other families that are having a hard time.”

On top of the citizen volunteers, Casper Police too lent a hand.

“It just shows that Casper comes together. It’s a great community, I’m happy to be a part of it. I love working for the city of Casper and I think It’s awesome that everyone's coming together so much and helping people in need,” said Officer Justin Edberg

One man, shedding a few tears as the generous city of Casper made sure he was ready for that Thanksgiving meal.

“Doing this Gobble Gobble Food Drive, you guys did an amazing job. And I just wanted to say to everybody out there. Albertsons, everybody. Thank you. Thank you so much for your help and your generosity.”

Original Air Date: 11/20/17