Christmas Comes To Casper Early

Casper, Wyoming - December may be days away but that doesn't stop the Oil City from celebrating their own way. The annual Christmas Parade rolled through downtown. With floats of all kinds bringing not only Christmas cheer but late summer warmth as well.

Christmas is finally here! Well not exactly, but the Oil City is brimming with Christmas spirit. While Thanksgiving may have stood in the way of Christmas excitement a bit, last weekends Conwell Park light show, the community Christmas tree lighting and the following parade, Casper is more than ready for next months festivities.

“Oh are you kidding? Santa every time. Every time? Yeah absolutely, that's what everybody's excited about.”

“Presents, Santa!”

“I'm excited to see all the ways the lights are bright and different designs they may do.”

Downtown sidewalks, flooded with families watching the yuletide themed floats make their way through the city.

This parade seeing a lot more sweaters as we've been hitting higher temperatures. 20 degrees warmer than what we normally are this time of year. Are we having fun? [cheers] I'm sorry what was that I couldn't hear you? [cheers..but this time, they're louder].

“It's all about the layers, my kids have layers upon layers. But this is so nice. We wouldn't have probably come if it was windy and super cold so this is perfect.”

One month from now, presents will stack up under the tree. And Santa? Well he'll be springing to his sleigh with his 8 reindeer, 9 if you count Rudolf, taking him all around the world.

Original Air Date: 11/25/17