Where Is Thomas Gobbles??

Casper, Wyoming - Famous for doing what he wanted, Thomas Gobbles had notoriety nationally as he became Caspers most popular turkey with over 4,000 followers on Facebook. He was seen by many at Casper College, but has since vanished leaving some remembering his antics and others speculating as to his whereabouts. K2's David Furtado reports.

He's been spotted calmly walking down sidewalks or sometimes peaking in windows. Thomas Gobbles became famous for doing one thing. Being Thomas.

‘I think it was just funny how he could just shut the traffic down and take his time doing whatever he wanted to in the street. What do you do? He was Thomas Gobbles.”

You'd never know when you would run into him. Perhaps at an intersection or delivering a package. But one thing's for certain. Thomas Gobbles has disappeared and Casper knows not where.

“I think he probably died of old age, he'd been around a long time.”

“One of my friends lives on the mountain and they feed the turkeys up there. He might be up there you think? Maybe. He's been missing for quite sometime. He might be up there.”

“Thomas, you know, he had a good career here in Casper. I believe he retired and probably moved to Florida.”

According to National Geographic the average lifespan of a wild turkey is 3-4 years. Making him at least 2 years old as of his burst on to Facebook in 2015. But one man suspects, there might have been some foul play.

‘I'm thinking maybe he's in hiding somewhere. Either that or he got kidnapped, but we haven't seen a ransom. What kind of ransom note to do you think would come from someone who kidnapped a turkey? Probably giblets.”

Thomas' followers hoping he's safe and sound, showing some love to the one of a kind bird.

“It's kinda neat having a little mascot I guess. It's been kind of amusing to see the little stories that go around.”

Original Air Date: 11/26/17