Mother Nature Stirring Up Trouble

Casper, Wyoming - They say a windy day is just a Monday in Casper, but it can cause more issues than one would want. From tipped over big rigs to fighting it during your morning commute. Either way Mother Nature likes to spice things up during the late fall and winter season, but as David Furtado doesn't stop Oil City residents from living their lives.

Almost anywhere else..a windy day is somewhere between 20 and 30 miles an hour. Here in the Cowboy State. Don't bother us unless you're talking over 50 miles per hour. The National Weather Service warned we'd get hit most of the day. A bad hair day in anyone's book.

“As you can see, the wind throws the dirt in the face. Our scaffolding and everything has to be buttoned down really heavy with weight or else the wind will knock it over. Material, yeah it makes it difficult hauling material, because you're fighting the wind. Other than that it's another beautiful day in Casper.”

With 50 mile an hour wind gusts in downtown and up to 65 here on Outer Drive. Even the smallest amount of surface area will definitely be feeling the wind. There's so much wind, in fact, it could turn even a coat into a parachute.

A coat catching wind, could knock you down. A semi catching wind, could spell disaster. Just this month, Wyoming roads have seen 19 semis biting the dust on wind, so many trying to beat mother nature, but sometimes they just don't.

“Really for me, since I have a water tanker, it doesn't really affect that terribly bad. But still, you can feel the wind pushing you. It does kinda worry me because I don't know if a truck is gonna pass me if he's gonna decide to tip over.”

“In the middle of the night, of course, the truck kept rocking even though I was parked between two trucks. It felt like I had people up on the trailer jumping up and down. If you're light it gets scary. You have no weight. You have a little bit more security with the weight, but that still doesn't mean anything.”

Downtown shoppers, Monday holding down hats and keeping a tight grip on bags during the gusts.

“I walk most places I go to so it's kinda a little bit annoying. In the wintertime, the trade off with the wind is that it i’ts usually what blows the nice temperatures so it’s kinda nice to stand outside in a long sleeve shirt after Thanksgiving. But I'm not thrilled with the wind necessarily.”

“Some days, the worst thing is when you open your car door and it slams into someone else's or vice versa, it's kinda how it goes. I've traveled a lot and this is by far the windiest place I've ever been and yeah, it blows.”

Casper has seen above average temps for the month so are we paying the price for these higher temperatures.

“I’m not a snow person, that's my big thing so if the wind means it warms up and melts the snow then it's a fair trade off.”

“Absolutely, I would take that any day over the cold weather.”

‘Ya know, the summers here are just so nice without the wind. It's like earning something for dealing with the winter and our lovely Wyoming wind that we have here.”

We may be out of the high wind warning for now, but hold onto your hats. There's always more where that came from.

Original Air Date: 11/27/17