Spectra Joins The Hogadon Team

Casper, Wyoming - Casper residents not only got a full view of the city but also full stomachs. Hogadon Ski Lodge held an open house Saturday introducing the newest member of the Hogadon team. The 8 hour open house saw many residents enjoying the view and of course the food. K2’s David Furtado Reports.

“That's the letter grade right there. Casper Wyoming. Beautiful venue looking out miles out. It's gonna be beautiful,” said Ted Ramussen a guest at the open house.

The wall of windows offered guests a nearly 180 degree view of Casper, but if you turn around there was a 180 degree view of food. The Hogadon Ski Lodge opened its doors welcoming Spectra, the new food and beverage provider, to the team.

“We're trying to keep it fresh. We're trying to get as many things sourced local as possible. Which is a little hard to do with the conditions in Wyoming but we are getting a lot of things straight out of Colorado,” said Chef Richard White Eagle with Spectra.

Guests were treated to a selection of food like sliders, tacos and of course pizza.

“We're excited to have pizza. I'm from back east and pizza's something that wasn't at the ski area and we're excited to have that. But Chef Richard is doing a heck of a job, we're really happy to have them up here,” said Hogadon Superintendent Chris Smith.

“The pizza was awesome, the quesadilla right here. The sliders have been a hit, I've heard so that's my next endeavor, is to head for the sliders. It's all gonna be good. it's gonna be great,” saud Ramussen.

And Chef Richard, he has plenty of plans for the full menu.

“We're looking at doing soups every day, we got chili going on every day. We're gonna do regular hamburgers. We've got pizzas going non-stop I hope,” said Chef White Eagle.

Guests loving the addition of Spectra to the new facility on the mountain.

“We are all seeing it for the first time today.  They have spectacular sliders, some quesadillas. They're trying out the brand new pizza oven so anybody that's missing this today has made a bad mistake,” said Bob Kidd with Friends of Hogadon.

Original Air Date: 12/02/17