Santa Sells Christmas Trees

Casper, Wyoming - If you have driven by Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, you might have seen the rows of Christmas Trees in the parking lot and a man who seems to be a tad south of his large workshop. But he is on a pursuit to help you get that perfect Christmas Tree. K2’s David Furtado reports.

It's not often you'd see Santa in shorts. But compared to the North Pole, The Cowboy State seems like a summertime destination.

‘Yeah it’s warmer here than it is up at the North Pole,” said Santa.

Santa trading in his 8 reindeer for 4 wheels and his workshop, a camper with a small wreath workshop of its own.

“It takes about 30 pieces of a branch to get a handful. Then I lay it right inside and then I crimp it down and then I just go to the next one,” said Mr. Claus.

Brian Bowen has been selling trees for 36 years now and his trees all fresh out of Montana.

“It's important to get a tree that actually had the cold weather so the tree's gone dormant. It actually drops the sap down to the roots and they set the needles for the winter,” said Bowen.

With trees of all heights, it doesn't take long to find the right one.

“We're looking for a tall and skinny tree.”

“I know my husband loves Douglas Fir. So that’s why I liked it. Good size, it'll fit perfectly in our house.”

“Anything you're looking for in a tree, he's got it.”

But what’s the trick to keeping the trees healthy? Santa says cutting a 1 inch ‘X’ from the base of the tree helps but there’s one remedy you wouldn't think of.

“Every 3 or four days put a few drops of bleach in the water, it kills the bacteria that grows in it.” said Santa.

Bowen's Santa persona has been around for most of his 36 years selling trees, making this attraction just shy of a trip to Santa's Village.

“I'll come out of the trailer and you get some kid seeing me on the other side and they run all the way across to give me a big hug and stuff like that. You can't ask for more excitement than that,” said Bowen.

Original Air Date: 12/03/17