Chocolate Walk 2017

Casper, Wyoming - In less than 24 hours, Downtown Casper will be a chocoholic's paradise. The 2017 Chocolate Walk will take participants to 23 locations. Each with their own irresistible chocolate treats. Kids young and young at heart are encouraged to enjoy but don't forget that friend with paws because they too will get a sweet treat. K2's David Furtado reports.

It’s December. Time for shopping, good cheer and all kinds of holiday goodies that bend our diets. Thursday, just give up. It's chocolate walk time in Downtown Casper and it  kicks off at 5pm. It's Candyland meets up with Willy Wonka.

“It’s wonderful to just see people having a good time. They meet people that they haven't seen for a long time, just by coincidence. And you can hear them laughing and that is really wonderful to see,” said Sierra West owner, Kari Hand.

Kathy Edwards helped organize this year's walk and she's promising great deals. It's a little like trick or treating for adults. No costumes needed.

‘It's really an awesome opportunity for us to treat the people who kept us in businesses all year long. It is a really nice, special evening that we provide for the Casper Community,” said  Kathy Edwards, owner of Cadillac Cowgirl.

The streets of Casper will soon go from mid-day desolation to an evening filled with chocolate covered lips and warm stomachs. Thursday don't expect to go to bed early on all that chocolate.

“I will be having white hot chocolate and I will be having salted caramel chocolate and everything in the store that's brown will be 20 percent off,” said Meagan Wittke, owner of  Rubenesque on 2nd street.

Sierra West, is ground zero for getting your chocolate passport. They'll have plenty of chocolate bars for the little ones. Your pooch will not be forgotten with peanut butter filled bones at Tails Of The City. But it’s a perfect time for Christmas shopping as some stores are offering discounts.

“Anything that you find in my store that's chocolate colored. And that could be dark chocolate, or light chocolate, or white chocolate, or whatever you can convince me of, I'm pretty easy going that night. It's all going to be on sale,” said Edwards.

Participants will have until 3pm Saturday to return their passports giving them a chance to win prizes.

“We do give you a little time because there are 23 businesses participating. And that may take more than a couple hours to get through,” said Wittke.

“This give you a chance to come browse through the stores, see what everybody has, and I bet you'll find neat secrets you never knew existed here in Casper,” said Edwards.

Original Air Date: 12/06/17