Shop With A Cop 2017

Casper, Wyoming - Kids across the Oil City joined forces with officers for the annual Shop With A Cop. Sunday morning, police officers from Mills, Casper and the Natrona County Sheriff's Department made their way to the east side Wal-Mart helping kids get those perfect Christmas gifts. K2’s David Furtado reports.

It was like an inner city traffic jam in the toy section. Carts pushed by officers and kids leading the way.

“We have things we have to do that we don't like to do but we have to, it's part of our job. This is something we want to do. And I think I get as much out of it as they do,” said Sgt. Scott James with the Casper Police Department.

Shop With A Cop, giving kids that opportunity to buy gifts for themselves and their family.

“I felt bad because my mom, she didn't have a job and she was looking for a job and she couldn't pay for the presents so I just bought some presents for my family,” Said shopper Verenice.

‘It’s awesome to see that her priorities were to get her family gifts over getting something for herself so that to me is pretty cool and says a lot about her personality,” said Officer Don Bauer with CPD.

The garden center ground zero. Kids purchasing gifts and an assembly of gift wrappers getting them ready to go under the tree.

“To see them doing something, with all of the stuff that they deal with day to day, and to see them smiling. It's heartwarming, its wonderful.”

And what would a Christmas themed day be without Kris Kringle himself? First time shoppers, getting a taste of generosity.

“We're gonna get them a present too.”

And parents, seeing the joys all around.

“Ithink it’s amazing. I wish I would've known about it a couple years ago, now I know. And I just love seeing even the officers smile when the get to do this themselves. It's pretty awesome,” said Alecia Sullivan.

Original Air Date: 12/10/17