Casper Police Department Donates Bikes To Non-Prof

Casper, Wyoming - Over the course of the year, the Casper Police Department have obtained 83 bikes, unclaimed by the owners after being lost or stolen. Now those bikes are being claimed by new owners. Non-profits around the Oil City picked up the bikes Thursday morning. As K2's David Furtado reports, one group plans to use them as a teaching tool.

The Casper Police Department fresh out of bikes, but rich with the giving spirit.

“This is kinda what we envisioned with the Police Department getting these to non-profits. Hoping they can get them to these kids by Christmas. And seeing the smiles on the adults faces, knowing they're gonna be on the kids faces,” said Det. John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department.

8 non-profits received the bikes just in time for Christmas. The giveaway tying into CPD's our community campaign, connecting officers to all those in the city.

It’s encouraging to work with the police department and their community efforts. I think that's a great deal,” said Paul Fritzler with the Natrona County Child Protection Team.

Some bikes on their way to be placed under the tree.

“A lot of them never had bikes. Of if they have, they're long gone,” said Rose Fry also with the  Natrona County Child Protection Team.

Others will be used as a teaching tool over at the Boys And Girls Club.

‘They get to come down learn how to fix a bike, fix a flat tire. Then we get to ride around and just the improvements in their self confidence and their motor skills,” said Daniel Uptain with the Boys & Girls Club Of Wyoming.

Uptain says these bikes open a gateway to a favorable lifestyle.

“I think getting kids interested in riding and enjoying working on their bikes, It’s just a way to make our community a little bit healthier and give our kids a chance to be healthier,” said Uptain.

And who knows, maybe you'll see a kid riding their new bike come next summer.

“Oh yeah, maybe. That would be fun. A lot of times, that’s the only way kids are gonna get around,” said Fritzler.

The police department is also working on a bike registering system to prevent substantial unclaimed bike buildup, no word yet on its completion date.

Original Air Date: 12/14/17