Casper Civic Corral Sings For Hospital Patients

Casper, Wyoming - The walls of the Wyoming Medical Center were flooded with Christmas tunes from the Casper Civic Corral Thursday night. Hall to hall, room to room, carolers vibrating their vocal chords and some patients even singing along. K2's David Furtado has the story.

Tis the season for lights, music and of course bells to jingle.

The Casper Civic Corral bringing the Christmas spirit to the patients at the Wyoming Medical Center.

“People the come here, and it’s not a place they wanna be very long. The holidays, it’s hard. So when you see not only the patients smile, and the nurses that work so incredibly hard, seeing them light up and smile too it’s just a wonderful thing. It's really great,” said David Branson with the Casper Civic Corral.

Carolers sang Christmas classics like Jingle Bells, The First Noel, and Silent Night. Some patients getting private performances.

“I could hear you guys coming up the hallway and the chorus, just the whole sound just - kinda hit right there, ya know?” said John Sauceda.

‘You can just see from their faces that it means a lot. This is a hard time of year to be stuck in the hospital and they appreciate us coming to sing for them,” Diane Branson also with the Casper Civic Corral.

And Others singing along.

“Oh it was great, except I couldn't keep up with them because I forgotten a lot of the words in the second and third verses,” said Betty Jones. “I knew the first verses pretty well. I used to teach piano so I was in a lot of Christmas music this time of year with my kids.”

One of the private shows leading to the possibility of adding a new member to the corral.

‘That's pretty weird for me. I've never been in anything like that it might be a new direction for me, I don't know,” said Sauceda.

“We are very excited. We always welcome new members anytime, we're glad to have anybody,” Tanya Baures with the Casper Civic Corral.

The Casper Civic Corral, always looking for new members to help bring Christmas cheer to the Oil City.

Original Air Date: 12/15/17