Life of Gillette WWII Photographer Remembered

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"I knew for a fact from the time I was little September 15th, 1942 is when the ship was sunk because dad's birthday was the 14th of September, 1921, so basically if he had not been across the international dateline the ship would have been sunk on his 21st birthday. the story that he told as that he was inside the ship somewhere when the torpedoes hit it...course they were off Guadalcanal at the time supporting the action going on there and when the torpedo hit the really rocked the ship and of course, this at that time, you know this aircraft carrier was one of the largest ships in the united states Navy and for it to shutter and shake like that he knew that something really bad had happened and so, he grabbed his camera and ran out on the flight deck and started taking photographs of everything going on. In a very short period of time, the ship was not going to be able to be saved...and the order to abandon ship so all this time, dad's taking photograph after photograph after photograph and they're trying to launch all their aircraft before the list becomes so that they can't use the flight deck any more...and so he grabbed several rolls of film, put 'em into a canister and handed to one of the pilots in one of the planes and he said 'get these to a photo lab' somewhere and those pictures were never seen again. He ran back to go to his quarters where he had a waterproof case for his camera and he was going to grab that case, but by then the fire had engulfed that area, he couldn't get there to get his camera so the abandoned ship had been he ran out on the deck and looked around...this is how he told the story...he looked around and didn't know what to do with the he threw it into a gun tub that was there for one of the anti-aircraft guns and then it went over on it's side...and lowered himself by a rope...was excited and slid down the rope instead of going hand over hand and as a consequence got rope burns on his into the water there was oil on the sea, there was fire on the sea.  He got picked up by the, by a destroyer...he was covered with oil...he was...he said he was in the water he said for five hours. this is I think, my favorite picture that he took. i just, I didn't find this picture until the other day because to me it just says so much.  These are two flight deck guys sleeping..just waiting to recover aircraft all the planes had flown off the deck. they're just tired and they're just just taking a little nap cause they gotta be there for when the planes come back...I have no idea what that is for sure, but that's my suspicion and I just think it's an awesome picture probably one of the best he ever took…"