Becoming a Rodeo Champion

Rodeo riders play a huge part here in the Cowboy State. 

And it takes hard work and dedication to be at a professional level. 

Rodeo riders are something most of us are all familiar with. 

But being a champion rider is hard than most people think and take certain skills to get to that level. 

And not just anyone is cut out to do it. 

Kelly Timberman, world champion bareback rider, compares the rodeo riding to high schools sports but twice as hard. 

Timberman may not have started his rodeo career until he was 21, but he knows what it takes to succeed. 

Dedication and heart, along with a strong work ethic is what he describes. 

Getting on the livestock last for only a few seconds takes intense training. 

Every rodeo is treated like practice, working towards the NFR. 

College level kids train for hours a day, riding on practice machines and staying physically fit. 

Making sacrifices and having heart is what it is all about. 

And of course, holding on for atleast eight seconds, which can make all the difference in the career of a rodeo rider.